All about points in Wazza store

Tired of dozens of discount cards that are no longer fit in your wallet?

WazzA store suggests to save fast and easely!

There's no need to complete any extra forms. Just make purchase online under your account.
Each order counts and scores automatically without any effort.

NOTE! Only registered userd can get loyalty points.


What are points?

Points - is real money that can be spent on purchases in our store.


How to get points?

Simply place your order on the website. Each spent online 20 UAH counted automatically as 1 point after order's delivery. Furthermore, additional points can be obtained during promo, and by using gift coupon.


What can be paid by points?

Points are the same as the ordinary money for online purchase. It's very simple: 1 point = 1 UAH.


How to spend your points?

To use the points please follow the link and generate coupon. Use its number on the new order page. Points can be converted into a coupon once the order is delivered. The list of available coupons can be checked at your account.


Are there any limits?

There are no restrictions. Points can be used to purchase online any product in our store. Even if you have just 1 point, you can use it.


Can I pay entire order by points?

Yes! If you have enough points, the order can be paid without using real money.


When will points expire?

There is no expiration time.

NOTE! Only registered userd can get loyalty points.