Compatible with copters

Compatible with copter series

Protection for drones


  • Lens hoods and gimbal protectors
    Various types of protection for the suspension and the camera of the Copter.  Special covers to protect the camera and the quadrocopter suspension during transportation and storage, will protect the fragile equipment of the drone from breakage and contamination.  Protective blends for copters are used during flights, protect the camera and suspension from impacts during accidental falls and collisions, and also protect the lens from direct sunlight and from light in the frame.
  • Film protectors
    Adhesive films to protect the lens of the camera quadcopter from scratches and damage in flight and during transportation.  Suitable for self-application, exactly match the size of the lens.
  • Battery and pin protectors
    Protective plugs for quadrocopter batteries protect the contacts of spare batteries during storage and transport from contamination, mechanical damage and short circuits.  Protection is used for careful care and storage of batteries, increasing their service life.
  • Propeller guard
    Protection for Quad blades blades is used in training drones for piloting, for flights in rooms, for large gatherings of people, near fragile equipment and valuable objects.  The protection of the blades will protect the surrounding and the pilot's hands from accidental injuries, as well as propellers of the drone from damage and breakage.
  • Legs extenders
    Chassis extenders are designed for safe take-off and landing of quadrocopters on difficult areas and uneven surfaces (sand, snow drifts, high grass, rocky soil).  Extensions are easily attached and removed without the use of additional tools.
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Removable protection for propellers, as well as for DJI doppler hangers of all series and models, including Phantom, Inspire, Matrice, Mavic, Spark and others.  And also for drones Ryze Tello and GoPro Carma.  Landing mats for a comfortable and safe landing, as well as extension-skis for safe landing on the water.

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