Remote controls for drones 


  • Protectors
    Accessories for the remote controllers of the quadrocopters, including the protection for the sticks, which is used for storage and transportation, will save the joysticks of the control panel from contamination and loss.
  • Reflectors
    Signal amplifiers between the quadcopter and the control panel are mounted directly on the console antennas and have a reflective surface.  Amplifiers allow you to increase the range of the control signal and video transmission, which is especially useful for flights in the city with a large number of interference.
  • Straps
    Special straps for quadcopter remotes allow you to reduce the load on the pilot's hands, which is especially important during long flights.  Shoulder and neck straps for different models of copters make the drone control process more comfortable.
  • Smartphones and tablets holders
    A wide range of holders of phones and tablets for quadcopter remotes of any model.  Holders of various designs, metal and plastic, for mobile devices of all sizes.
  • Hoods
    Special curtains for quadrocopters' remotes protect the console's display from direct sunlight and allow the pilot to see all the information displayed on the screen and fully control the copter in any conditions.
Remote controls for DJI copters of all series and models, including Phantom, Inspire, Matrice, Mavic, Spark and others.  And also for the drones GoPro Carma, Ryze Tello.  The console will allow you to comfortably control the drones and camera hangers.  In addition to the consoles: sun shields for screens, brackets for fastening.

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