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Action cameras mounts 


  • bicycle/bike/pipe
    Universal plastic and metal mounts for action cameras on the steering wheel, frame, bicycle seat, on a motorcycle and pipes of various diameters.  Original mount GoPro and Sony, available analogues in the range.
  • head/helmet/mouth
    Mounts for action cameras on the head, helmet, teeth for shooting from the first person.  Original mount GoPro and Sony, available analogues in the range.  Fastenings for all types of helmets (smooth helmet, ventilated with a bike helmet).  Helmet mount based on adhesive pads, side and front mounts.  Mount-cap for water sports (surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding).
  • chest/shoulder/neck
    Mounts for action cameras of all known models on the chest / shoulder / back for practicing extreme sports and outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, hiking).  Fasteners that are adjustable in size can be worn over warm clothes and will serve for shooting at any time of the year.  Original mounts for GoPro and Sony and available analogues.
  • board/flat surface
    Mounts for action cameras on the board and any flat surface.  Adhesive or through types of fasteners with safety cables included.  Mounts to surfboard, kiteboarding, special adhesive mounts for musical instruments.
  • hand/arm/leg
    Adjustable mounts for all models of action cameras on the arm, leg or hand.  Fasteners based on elastic belts and quick-release latches for video shooting during outdoor activities or sports from a variety of angles.  Original GoPro and Sony mounts and available analogues.
  • suction cup
    Mounts suction cups for installing action cameras on a variety of smooth and flat surfaces, including the windshield and hood of the car, motorcycle fender, etc.  Mount-suckers allow you to use the action camera as a DVR or install the camera on any smooth glass, mirror surfaces.
  • holders/stands
    Holders and stands for action cameras of various purposes are intended for mounting cameras on various equipment (slings and kite balloon, quadrocopter body, hunting rifle, etc.)
  • adapter/extender/ballhead
    Mount adapters / extenders / hinges for action cameras help to upgrade any mount, adapt it to the special conditions of shooting and provide the desired change of angle.
  • clamp/clip
    Clothespins and clips for fixing action cameras using a grip: on the straps of a backpack, a cap, a hood of a pram, drapes, table surfaces, in any place where fantasy tells.  Clothespins and clips of various configurations will provide interesting and unusual angles.
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