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Kits for action cameras 


  • Mounting kits for action cameras
    Specially selected sets of fastenings for the use of action cameras in various conditions, including when practicing different kinds of sports (surfing, rafting, etc.), and also for installing cameras for motorcycle helmets, musical instruments, bicycles, motorcycles.  All sets are designed taking into account the specifics of action shooting, it allows to cover all angles and viewing angles, and also are more profitable to buy than each mount separately.
  • Filter kits for action cameras
    The filter kits for action cameras are designed for underwater shooting and color compensation in an aquatic environment of a different composition (with a blue or green hue), for filming in sunset or dawn hours.  And also for shooting under bright sun to eliminate glare - polarization filters.  Macrolenses - to increase small objects and details.  Filter kits from different manufacturers are selected for all GoPro models, taking into account their use with or without underwater hull.
  • Sets for action cameras
    Special sets for action cameras are chosen for shooting under different conditions and include protection for cameras and lenses, mounts for installation in different locations, monopods, additional batteries, transport cases and even diving masks with GoPro mount.  Sets of various purposes: for beginners and advanced, for divers, cyclists, as well as for practicing snorkeling, surfing, etc.
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Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items

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