What is dropshipping?

In short, it is shipment from our warehouse directly to your customer. You purchase from us at discounted prices and resell with a margin.

We do not dictate your retail price. The more expensively you can sell it, the more we rejoice for you.

We are interested in prosperity of your business!

Additionaly, for orders delivered within dropshipping program we do not send any promotional materials, business cards, special offers, and do not try any other way to persuade your customer to cooperate with us directly.

Our online store offers 2 programs of dropshipping:

1. You get money from the client, placethe order and pay for it (keeping the price difference), we send the goods to indicated address.

2. You place an order, specify delivery address and the amount of the order for the final customer. We send the goods by cash on delivery. After receiving payment we will transfer you the price difference.

What prices do we offer for dropshippers?

The rule is very simple: -20% of all prices, except foollowing the categories:

    • Sets & Kits (-10%)
    • Stabilizers (-10%)
    • Cameras (-5%)
    • Memory Cards (-10%)
    • Virtual reality (-10%)

There is no need to use a calculator or Excel-tables! Special prices are visible on the web site right after you become a dropshipper.

Bonus! If any goods already have assigned discount, your special discount is summed up with it!

How to become a dropshipper?

1. Register your account at WAZZA.com.ua as an ordinary buyer

2. Submit and pay for your first order on standard terms*

3. Inform us about the desire to work on dropshipping terms by sending a meggage to opt@wazza.com.ua, or call any contact number

* Yes, you can become a dropshipper only with the second order

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