Bulk and Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

In short, it's delivery of the goods from your warehouse directly to your buyer, which you buy from us at preferential prices, and sell with your margin.

When sending orders as part of the dropshipping program, we do not enclose any promo materials, business cards, special offers, and do not try to persuade your client to cooperate with us in any other way.

We are interested in developing your business!

Options for the dropshipping program:

1. You receive money from the client, place an order and pay for it (the price difference is left to yourself), we send the goods to the address specified by you.

2. You place an order with us and specify the delivery address, as well as the final amount of the order, we send the goods with cash on delivery, after receiving the cash on delivery, we will pay you the difference in value.

Is dropshipping differ from bulk purchase?

Small wholesale is a purchase of a small batch of goods in advance, for placement in your own warehouse or store. Dropshipping involves placing an order on the request of a specific customer.

In terms of discounts, there is no difference. We provide the same prices for both drop shipping and small wholesale.

What are the prices we offer for wholesale buyers?

There is MSRP (minimal suggester retail price) for each product. You can sell above the MSPR. However setiing prices below the MSPR is possible only by prior agreement with us, with the appropriate justification.

Wholesale prices are calculated for each product separately. To get access to the wholesale price list with a regularly updated products list and availability status, please send us an application to opt@wazza.com.ua.

What is the minimal order?

After authorization and getting access, you can place orders at wholesale prices for any quantity of goods, including 1 unit. There is no restriction on the minimal order. However, we recommend you to optimize the order amount. as shipping costs are on your side.

How to become a dropshipper?

For access to the wholesale price list, please send us an application to opt@wazza.com.ua with following information:

1. Which store do you represent, what is its main specialization, website or page.

2. Your contact details - name, phone number, physical address.

3. Which product group are you looking for.

Can I get the goods uploaded?

The dropshipping program involves wholesale cooperation with stores and service centers. It does not involve working with price aggregators, catalogues and "shops" with automatic stuffing in a row.

The wholesale price will contain the name of the product, article, brand, category, availability status and two types of prices (wholesale and MSRP).

We do not provide ready-made text descriptions and the entire set of images. To write your own texts, you can use the product description and additional information provided on our website as a guide. Verbatim copying is not welcome.